Vinyl Toy of The Day: Funko Disney Mystery Minis Series 2 – Donald Duck

I haven’t posted one of these in a while!

I want to show this one off because he’s so different to my other Disney toys.

If you look at my figures from the first series that Funko did, they don’t have a lot of features in terms of definition in their face, they’re pretty simple in their shapes and they just look really basic and cute. I thought that really worked and I’m gutted I can’t find anywhere that still sells the first series, I’d have loved to finish my collection.

Never mind! Onto the next one!

This is the first figure I’ve bought out of the second series and they are COMPLETELY different.

They feel different for a start, the first series were smooth, these feel slightly more rough,  but that might be to do with the fact that they’ve been moulded into more defined shapes. And they feel slightly heavier as well…

You can tell from his face that more work has gone into the paint work too, he definitely has more expression in his face than any out of the first series that I have.

And because he’s slightly heavier, you really have to balance him to make him stand up..this might not be the case with the rest of the figures in this series, but Donald certainly feels a lot more top heavy.

I still think he’s cute and I’ll be looking out for the rest of the series, but I preferred the simplicity of the first one.

Which series do you think is better?

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