Girl Hate

Usually on a Sunday, I write a post about lazy beauty tips but after my day in Manchester yesterday, I want to write about something slightly different.

I want to talk about the way that girls act around other girls that they don’t know.

I figured out why girls go to public toilets in groups, or why it helps to go the toilet in a group anyway.  I find, when I go to the toilet on my own, I’m being watched by other groups of girls, looking me up and down, giving me dirty looks and basically being horribly judgemental. When you go in a group, you don’t feel as on edge. Some girls go the toilet in groups so they can all fix their make up together but it certainly helps to make you feel more comfortable.

I went to see The 1975 last night, I went with my boyfriend and he obviously couldn’t come to the toilet with me so I had to go on my own. The queue was ridiculous! Everybody was looking everybody else up and down, comparing their outfits to their own, their hair, make up everything. It made me want to just scream YOU ALL LOOK FINE NOW PACK IT IN.  I just wanted to go to the toilet without feeling like I had to stand in a models pose in the queue to show the girls I was just as sassy and confident…which I wasn’t. I just wanted to get in and get out.

But it wasn’t just in the toilets.

We also went into Manchester during the day and I found that most girls I smiled at, stared back at me in a ‘don’t even look at me’ kind of way and I don’t get it.

Why do girls that don’t know each other automatically dislike each other?  It’s like we’re immediately threatened by each other or for some reason, some girls just think they’re better than everybody else. I hate it!

Boys are constantly calling girls bitches, uptight and moody and to be honest, we’re not helping it by being unwelcoming to each other from the off.

I’m not saying that I’m perfect and I never bitch about other girls, I’ve obviously looked at a girls outfit that I’ve seen in town and thought that looks horrendous but I’ve never gave a girl a dirty look for her fashion choices, that’s her decision…it’s just not something I’d wear. But obviously I know that’s a habit I need to break because it’s still being unwelcoming.

If girls were nicer to each other, we wouldn’t be constantly branded by lads as bitches!

By just smiling at each other or just being a little less stand off-ish, we might even start to feel a little more confident in ourselves. We’re all just trying to look our best and we don’t need to make each other feel inadequate or that we’re not as pretty or as stylish. We’re all gorgeous in our own way!

So girls, next time a fellow lady smiles as you, smile back.

Just a thought.


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