Bring Autumn Home!

It is officially Autumn! Well it will be from 10.29pm tonight if you want to be specific…but to the rest of us it’s autumn now so yay.

While I am not the biggest fan of the cold that the later seasons bring, the cold nights and let’s not forget the amount of mental strength it takes to get out of the shower into the freezing cold bathroom of a morning this time of year, there are some things that I am looking forward to.

Mostly food and smellies. Because let’s be honest,  it’s the smell of wintery food and drinks cooking that make you excited for snowy nights and visits from Father Christmas. But this isn’t going to be a recipe for an amazing meal or drink, simply some quick and simple ways that you can bring the smells of winter into your home.

Where I work, we’ve just got a whole new batch of house air fresheners, clothes fragrances and candles to suit this cosy weather, all filled with cinnamon, winter spices and winter fruits. Gorgeous.

If you’re looking for some Autumn inspiration for your home, cinnamon and spiced apple candles are great for your sitting room, they’ll give a subtle, but noticeable feeling to the room and to help with settling in on those cold nights, winter spices might be a little too intense, so look for a lavender scented spray designed for bedrooms. If you try to use a air freshener, you might just find yourself coughing all night.

If you wanted it to be a little more concentrated, you could always spray some into a favourite blanket or a favourite teddy. (Sleeping with teddybears is cosy and comforting. I’m not a baby.)

And lastly, around this time, you can change the flowers on your mantle piece to more wintery blooms including Cyclamen, Jasmine or Begonias to give a warmer, cosier feel.

Put away your meadow scented candles and your sunflowers, embrace the winter months!

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