Disney Infinity: Marvel Superheroes

As you can probably guess, Disney Infinity was first on my Christmas list when it was released last year.  I got the starter pack and some other figures for me to use along with my set.

I loved it! (Once I figured out how to use it that is, don’t know whether it was just me being stupid but I didn’t find it as straight forward as I thought I would.) I had The Incredibles, Monsters Inc and Pirates of the Caribbean completed within a matter of weeks, collecting all the toys for the toy box (again, not really knowing what the point of that was for now) but enjoying completing all the levels.

The Incredibles level especially felt like a child’s version of Grand Theft Auto, although you can’t steal people’s cars…but the maps and the style of the missions are quite similar!

But my problem with the Disney Infinity sets are that some of the figures don’t come with worlds…and I can’t understand that. Yes it’s all fun and games when you can build your own world with the characters and play with your friends but that’s fun for about half an hour then I end up wanting the structure of a storyline again. Elsa and Anna are extremely popular at the moment so surely when they were brought out for Disney Infinity, they should have come with a world level? £12 for essentially Disney Minecraft is a little bit too much for me.

But now it has been announced that Disney Infinity is bringing out a new set of characters with new worlds for Marvel Super Heroes. I’m a little bit disappointed by this. Yes Disney have to cater to the fans of Marvel as well since buying it out, but in my opinion not a lot of effort was put into the original Disney Infinity.

I’ve heard that a 2.0 pack is coming out but I only read that in an online article, I haven’t heard much about it in the news and I feel a little bit cheated in that I’ve got all of these figures for Disney Infinity and it feels like the company is just dropping that and moving onto something that might bring them a little more money.

I assume you won’t be allowed to use the Marvel figures alongside the Disney characters…but even if you can..I’d have rather them focused more on creating new worlds and bringing out more Disney characters instead of moving on to an entirely different game.




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