Disney Princes: The Heartbreaking Truth

When we watch Disney movies, we are letting go of reality, immersing ourselves in the fairytale stories and basically wondering why we can’t all live in worlds were singing a duet solves most problems.

But that’s just it, it isn’t the real world and we tend to forget that when we switch the film off and come back. There’s certain aspects of these films that we look for in our real lives. One of which is perfect hair, and the other being the idea of ‘Prince Charming’.

According to a video that my cousin sent me, he doesn’t exist and although I watched the video ready to defend the princes, at the end I ended up thanking the lord that these guys don’t exist.

Yeah the men were all handsome in the video and yeah they had the winning smiles and the tear jerking singing voices but there was a reason that the girl in the video decided she’d be better off single.

Aladdin promises to take you for a ride in a stolen car that he wouldn’t be able to buy because he’s homeless, not too bad, but then Naveen openly admits he never wants to get a job and is happy to play ukelele for the rest of his life. Yeah these skits are based on technicalities but unfortunately believable.

It shows us that they’re a little bit stupid, vain and in the case of Prince Adam from Beauty and The Beast, scarily dominant. (Never a jokey subject but this video does make you go..hang on..he is a bit like that yeah.)

We all have this image of finding our Disney princes, that they’ll put us on the back of their horses and they’ll whisk us off into the sunset. But we never stop to think what’d be on the other side of that sunset.

There is nothing wrong with watching a Disney movie and imagining your face where Rapunzel’s face is or underneath Auroras golden sassy locks..but the chance of looking next to you and seeing the prince sat next to you is as probable as looking in the mirror and seeing you have prinny hair too. Sorry.

Maybe we all need to lower our standards a little bit and realise that real men are better than fantasy men.

Beautiful singing voices don’t pay the bills.


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