Lazy Girl Beauty Tips: How to Get The Most Out Of Your Sleep

We’ve all head of the term beauty sleep, well this post is going to help you get the most out of your beauty sleep time and take advantage of some sleeping hacks.

I did a post recently about how potatoes help depuff your eyes if they’re looking a bit dark, to help you look fresh and ready for the day. I now have something that might help speed that process along, and make you feel fresh from the moment you wake up!

If you are prone to dark circles, try sleeping with multiple pillows under your head, and sleep on your back so your head is slightly tilted, this will help all the fluid drain from the bags of your eyes and will help you feel and look a little more awake. Combine this with the potato advice and you’re golden.

We’ve seen people using moisturiser gloves on TV programmes, but most of us have never though to use them ourselves. If you don’t want to go out and buy store versions, you can make your own with a pair of socks or gloves.ย First dip your feet or hands in warm water, to soften the skin, then use a moisturiser to lock in all the moisture goodness. This bit is easy, if you’re pampering your feet, put your socks on for the night. If it’s your hands, ย get the gloves on.

This will feel a little weird, but you’ll thank me in the morning when your hands and feet feel like a baby’s bottom.


It is also important that you get a full nights sleep, you can spend hours getting yourself ready for night pampering but if you’re not going to sleep till 4am, you’re not going to get all the benefits. Make sure you get an early night once in a while, Netflix can wait!


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