Screaming Along to Disney Songs is a Form of Therapy.

It’s no secret that I am a Disney fan…I know most people are but serious…it’s an unhealthy obsession when you start crying at the mere thought of watching The Lion King.

Disney films and songs are like a release for me, watching the films and singing along to the songs are an escape that I welcome and look forward to and I’m sure it’s the same for everybody else with Disney films or another fandom.

Enjoying these escapes shouldn’t stop when you leave your home,  you should take your escape with you wherever you go, it can destress you on a horrible day and give you a reason to smile.

Having Disney songs on my iPod is essential for me and tonight was a great example of why that it is.

I was on a 3-9 shift in work…not too bad but as the night goes on, the customers get worse and few and far between, giving you time to dwell on their horrendous attitude and questioning your life.

But when my shift ended, and I got into my car, ‘Love is An Open Door’ was put on straight away, volume turned all the way up and I started to sing along as I left the car park, both Anna’s and Hans’ parts…and all the talking parts. Nothing was left out.

A smile was already on my face. ‘For the First Time in Forever’, ‘Let It Go’ and ‘Fixer Upper’  go by and my voice is dead, people are giving me weird stares, but I feel great and the smile is spread from ear to ear.

Although it was a Frozen fuelled drive, it’s not always Frozen songs, listening to the classic disney songs are just as important, because they’re the same songs I’ve been listening to and dancing to since I was a little girl.

And listening to these songs takes me back to being that little girl with no stresses and no worries. And that’s bliss for me.


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