Negativity Sells Papers

I am not the first to say, and I won’t be the last to say, that journalism thrives on negativity. Our newspapers and news channels are filled with stories of murder, theft, illness and generally stories that make us scared or upset.

But yet we let them get away with it. We read it, we listen to it and we talk about it, spreading it through our friends and family, letting it become the norm for us to hate the human race collectively and treat everybody as criminals because the media tells us that that’s what we are.

But by changing our perspective on some of the stories we read about, we can see that not all news is bad news.

There is a story on the news right now about a young boy named Ashya who is extremely sick and was in hospital in England receiving treatment. His parents decided that they weren’t happy with the treatment that he was receiving and took it upon themselves to take him out of hospital and transport him to Spain.

That was all the media knew at first about the situation. But we were told more. The media decided to play on the fact that the family were Jehovah’s Witnesses…immediately this gave us all the impression that they were taking their son away from treatment because they believed that God would cure their son, if this was his plan. We were quickly put on the police’s side and wanted this child to be found and returned to England.

Soon after a video was released on Youtube by the boy’s father, where he explained his actions. He said that they were not happy with the treatment their son was receiving in the UK and that they felt he would be given better treatment, and a better chance of survival in a hospital in Spain. The family have a house in Spain, which they sold to pay for the boy’s treatment and it is clear that they only have the boy’s best interest at heart.

That video is almost being ignored and instead the media is now playing on the fact that the boy has been rushed to hospital for emergency treatment and they are praising the fact that the parents are in police custody. This is disgusting!

This is NOT a negative story.

Instead of ‘boy is abducted BY HIS OWN PARENTS and taken out of hospital’, it should be ‘parents go the extra mile to assure young son’s survival.’

Not all negative stories have been twisted on their head, there are some horrible, nasty people out there who deserve to be portrayed in a negative way, but just because a newspaper sells more stories with the word MURDER in bold letters across the headline,  that doesn’t give them the right to ruin innocent people’s lives to sell a couple more issues.

If they get the chance to tell a positive story and show that there is some good in the world, they should all be fighting to get there first.



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