Lazy Girl Beauty Tips: Vanilla Pits

It’s Sunday again! Whether you’ve spent the weekend eating junk food and slobbing out on the couch or letting off some steam with a night on the town, I hope it’s been a good one!

Before we all head off to work tomorrow, I have a lazy beauty tip that is a little bit weird…but it’ll help if you have to go out and restock your beauty items but just can’t find the motivation to do so. I feel your pain, believe me.

Vanilla extract is an excellent substitution for deodorant…I know…I said it was weird.

If by any chance you’re into home baking, or somebody in your house is, there is sure to be some vanilla extract lying around. My sister is into baking cakes and our cupboard is laced in it. (While we’re on the subject, I’m a little embarrassed that my little sister can bake cakes while I struggle to make anything past tinned soup.)

If you have found some vanilla extract, and your deodorant bottle is running a little low, you’re gonna need something to protect you from the stench of body odour on your trip to refill,  so grab the bottle and start patting your armpits down. You don’t have to use a lot, just enough to coat your arm pits with a light layer.

If it is alcohol based, it will act like an antiperspirant, soaking up the sweat, and will also leaving you smelling fresh and sweet. If it isn’t alcohol based, it won’t act quite as well as an antiperspirant, but it is extremely light and will keep you smelling gorgeous until you can reach the shops.

This shouldn’t be used as an alternative for deodorant at all times, because it is only a quick fix and isn’t as good in the long term as branded deodorant. However, if you want the scent of the vanilla, there are a lot of recipes online where you can make your own home made deodorant, using vanilla extract!


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