Feminism? Or Clutching at Straws…

Right! Before I start this post, I know for a fact some people are going to get annoyed…but I’m just giving my opinion on events that I’ve seen being shared around Facebook and other social media. I’m sorry if I offend anybody!

I read a story a couple of days ago that a woman was asked to leave a barber shop in Liverpool because it was gentleman only and after leaving and trying to come in a second time only to be told to leave again, she wrote to the local newspaper claiming that it was sexist. She said she felt like she had travelled back in time. Eugh.

I don’t mean to be rude, but I wouldn’t want to sit and watch my boyfriend get his hair cut…and I’m sure he’d be fine to sit on his own for how ever long it took. And how often do you see a man sitting in the waiting room of a salon? Hardly ever! Not just because it’d be the most boring thing ever to watch their girlfriends getting their weekly curly blow, but because they know that salons are a girly place and you don’t hear a man moaning about it once.

This should apply to barbers as well. Salons are a place where women can go and have a gossip and a chat, barbers should become the same type of place where men can chill out and spend some time alone having chats with other men about boy stuff! And that is in no way sexist, it’s only fair!

Seeing things like this in the news just make me consider feminism as women playing victims. Not all feminists play victims that’s not what I’m saying, but in this country, feminists seem to nag at the little things while females in other countries are fighting for actual rights and a respected place in their countries.

I’m talking about the people who have basically killed off chivalry through want to prove that they can stand on their own two feet. I am perfectly capable of opening a door for myself but I still appreciate it when my boyfriend holds the door open for me, it’s a sign of affection, not a sign of dominance, relax!

I just find it ironic that feminists are supposed to give a powerful image of women being equal to men, strong independent figures, but when ONE barbers out of how many in the country has plucked up the courage to create a space for men only, somebody claims sexism and makes girls look like we’ve spat the dummy out because we didn’t get our own way. Not the images the suffragettes and women who have fought in the past wanted for us.

Next time you get kicked out of a male only barbers and think it’s sexist, think about the women in other countries who are forced to stay at home and serve their husbands like some kind of sub-creature while you are able to walk around and live your life, wearing what you want, doing what you want and saying what you want without any fear.



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