Post Festival Freshness.

If you’ve been camping at a festival all weekend, the entire way home, the only things you’re going to be thinking of are your shower and your bed and rightly so! You’ve spent the whole weekend jumping, screaming, drinking(maybe) and enjoying yourself and now you deserve an afternoon of pampering!

Make the most of your shower and get your skin back on the right track! Hot water is going to open your pores which is great because it’ll be a chance for you to exfoliate and get rid of all the dirt and the muck you’ve picked up over the past few days. Give your face a good scrub with a flannel or a pat down with a towel after your shower to make sure you exfoliate as best as you can.

If you do choose to use a towel after your shower, do not scrub your face like you would with a wet flannel, this is because the towel will be a little bit rough and might irritate your skin! Patting is enough to give your skin a great treatment.

Give your hair a good wash too, you might not have the energy but it’ll stop your pillows from stinking of smoke if you’ve been around a campfire all weekend, you can always give it a good wash in the morning when you’ve had a good kip.

Make yourself some good home made food if you’re feeling up to it, if not, get in bed with a gorgeous cup of fruit tea, it’ll give you that naturally relaxing feeling to help you sink into your own bed that much easier, leaving hard tent floors and freezing sleeping bags only a distant memory. If not a fruit tea, a Lemsip would be great to clear up your throat from all the screaming and the smoke.

Now that you’re nice and relaxed, you can look through all the pictures and videos you took while you were having the time of your life and begin counting down to next year’s events.

Welcome home!



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