Lazy Beauty Girl Tips – Silky Pins

Whether it’s for a night out, or whether it’s just one of those days where you feel like getting your legs out, you want to make sure you’re looking your best so you can sing the song from the Venus advert in your head and walk down the streets feeling the sun reflecting off your freshly shaved legs.

However, it seems when I shave my legs, even when I take my time and make sure I get every last annoying bristle, my legs still feel and look dry…making me want to put jeans or tights on anyway. Pointless.

However, I have found a little tip to help get rid of dry legs with minimal effort! Something we all want to hear.

Straight after you’ve had a shower, grab yourself an avocado or two, put it in a bowl and mash it up, use a kitchen utensil, or use your fists if you really want to, that way it can double as a stress releasing exercise.

When it’s nice and mushed, rub it all over your legs and leave the mixture on for 15 minutes, enough for the avocado’s natural oils to soak into the skin on your legs.

Wash off and feel fabulous.



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