Lazy Girl Beauty Tips: Metal Allergies Be Gone!

Yesterday I put a post up about how I bought a necklace from Comicon of a fake taxidermy rat and I love it to bits.

However, every time I buy a necklace, I forget that there is a high chance I could be allergic to the chain and therefore will have to deal with a huge rash on the back of my neck for days after taking the necklace off.

And of course this happened so now I’m on the Witch Hazel.

If you’re like me and you have a ridiculous allergy to certain metals which is stopping you from wearing cute jewellery,  necklaces, bracelets whatever, I have a remedy that can help you wear your favourite jewellery without having to sacrifice your skin.

Buy yourself some clear nail varnish, it doesn’t have to be expensive, and lay down some tissue or an old towel so you don’t get any on the surfaces in your home.

Paint the chain of your necklace all the way round, making sure that you get a good even coat on both sides of the chain and leave to dry.

When it is completely dry, give it another coat just to be safe and to make sure it is completely covered.

This should protect your neck and make sure that your skin isn’t harmed and that your allergies do not flare up! It also means you can keep the colour of the chain in it’s original state!



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