Manchester Comicon 2014

This is the second year that I’ve been to Comicon and I’ve loved it both times!

The atmosphere and the friendliness of all the people in the room is incredible, so if you’re part of any fandom, and you live close to Manchester, you should look at getting yourself a ticket for next year. They’re only around £12 for a priority ticket, meaning you get entry before the general public who are allowed to come in at 10am.

Last year, I just wore my Black Milk R2-D2 dress because i wasn’t sure what to expect. But this year, after seeing some amazing cosplays including an AT-AT and quite a lot of sims, I wanted to make an effort. So I got my sister to make me an amazing Eevee Cosplay and I was in love with it.

Unfortunately, the weather was forecast to be pretty bad…rain all day. And since my costume was extremely heavy and fur on it, I didn’t want it to get ruined while we waited in the queue so I decided not to wear it and wore a Jake from Adventure Time dress.

This was something I regretted immediately after getting out the car when I seen some of this years great cosplays, including lots of Pokemons. It disappointed me for a lot of the day! But I still had fun!

This year, I went with my boyfriend, my brother and one of his friends and we spent some money on some stuff! My boyfriend bought me the comfiest Kingdom Hearts hoodie and I bought myself a necklace that looks like a dead rat taxidermy and some Pokemon post cards that were drawn by  a young girl. She was so happy I was her first customer of the day!

Other great points of the day were seeing Warwick Davis, meeting a real life Stormtrooper and again, just looking at some of the great cosplays.

There are some great stalls selling great jewellery, prints and original comics, I even found a stall selling old Disney teddies and it was so hard not to buy them all, especially since I seen a Meeko, something I’ve never seen out of eBay.

Apart from not being able to wear my costume, I had an amazing time and I’ll definitely be going next year!


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