Disney Princesses Used in Domestic Violence Posters- Happy Never After

A few weeks ago, pictures of some of Disney’s most recognisable princesses kissing their fathers were released, creating uncomfortable images to promote sexual abuse at home. These pictures were released with the caption “46% of minors who are raped are victims of family members. It’s never too late to report your attack.”

These pictures were created by artist Saint Hoax.

The campaign received quite a negative reaction from Disney fans complaining that these pictures are ruining the innocence of Disney princesses, that although awareness should be spread to children as well as adults, it could have been done in a way that wouldn’t have spoilt the image they had of their heroins and their stories.

Whether you thought this campaign was morally right or wrong, they are back with another set of pictures, but depicting the princesses as victims of domestic abuse.

The princesses used in these pictures include Aurora from The Sleeping Beauty, Jasmine from Aladdin and Cinderella.

Entitled with the caption ‘When did he stop treating you like a princess? It’s never too late to put an end to it.’

As a Disney lover, these pictures are really hard to look at, it’s hard to see images of princesses that have perfect lives in these movies in a completely different situation where their princes and saviours are being presented as angry, possessive and aggressive people.

I understand why they have used these images, it will hit harder than an image of an actress or actor covered in bruises, although it is hard to see anybody suffer like this, it is harder to wrap your head around these images and they are sure to stick in your mind longer.

However, I don’t wholeheartedly agree with them. If they had used images of more popular princesses like Elsa, Anna or Rapunzel, I think it would have been too hard for children to see as they would become scared of the characters that they idolised.  I think they are very close to the line by using some of the princesses they they still would have been familiar with as they will still be watching some of the classics.

Perhaps it would have been better if they dressed real people up as these characters in the same manner, ,as they would be slightly less recognisable to children but still give the same message to adults.

These images won’t teach children about domestic violence like they would adults, they would just scar them whenever they watched their films.


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