Lazy Girl Beauty Tips- Get Great Smelling Skin from your T-shirt Draw

Have you ever walked past somebody on the street, or had somebody talk to you and think ‘oh my god they smell amazing!’. No? Just me? Ah well.

If you HAVE done this before and wanted to know how to get that beautiful, seemingly effortless gorgeous smell to follow you around all day, there is a simple trick that you can follow to achieve it.

Sometimes, when you buy bars of soap, they look more like works of art, sometimes they even look too much like cakes to be soaps which is just unfair.

But fear not! You can still utilise these gorgeous soaps without watching them slowly dissapear into a lump of nothingness in the shower.

If you keep your t-shirts in a draw, or even your jeans, if not your underwear, put a couple of bars of soap in the draw so the smell will soak in, and in turn make you smell delicious all day long.

This not only keeps your skin smelling beautiful, but every time you open your draw, you’ll get the beautiful clean scent that’ll make you feel refreshed, pretty and ready for the day!



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