Let’s Talk Tea: Strawberry and Raspberry

Fruit teas are beautiful if you’re just looking for something light, but still want that warm comfy feeling of having a hot drink.

Strawberry and Raspberry tea is a great example of fruit tea, even down to the gorgeous pink colour (this picture doesn’t do it justice!)

There’s only 4 calories per cup with this tea, and you don’t need add any extra sugar, because it basically tastes like hot fruit juice, which is amazing either as a lovely start to the day or something to send you to bed.

It hasn’t got too strong of a taste, it doesn’t taste like concentrated juice, but it has more of a fruity aftertaste.

It has a lot of benefits too! strawberry has a lot of antioxidants and vitamin C, while raspberry is a Godsend for you ladies!

If you’re pregnant, this type of tea can be amazing for your health, it can help with issues like morning sickness, constipation and can also help to get you pregnant if you’re trying.

The aroma from this tea is gorgeous and light, perfect for the summer weather.

Get your hands on some of this red berry tea goodness now and add it to your tea collection!

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