Let’s Talk Tea: Salted Caramel Green Tea


Right, this is something I want to try,  I was looking for something new to post about, something that I would enjoy as much as my vinyl toy posts and I realised that in my job, I get a lot of people buying these weird flavoured teas that I find myself looking at like ‘oh my god I need that.’

And that is what happened last night when somebody came and bought salted caramel green tea, the most beautiful sounding tea in the world.

In fact, on my break I went and bought a box to try when I got home.

So I thought it would be a good idea, that when I try one of these teas, I’ll share it with you and then maybe it’ll convince you to try and find a new favourite!

Salted caramel is one of my favourite things in the world, in fact a coffee shop I love in Liverpool does salted caramel hot chocolates every year around Christmas and it’s worth the wait all year round.

First off, these tea bags were £2.80 for 20 envelopes, which isn’t too bad! And the box is gorgeous, making it only that more enticing.

You can’t really smell the tea with the teabag on it’s own, you get a hint of caramel but it’s nothing in comparison to when the teabag is in the mug and you’re pouring the water in. Oh my jeez it smells like heaven.

I leave the teabag in, just to make sure I get maximum taste and you really do!

I was expecting this to be over the top sweet and kind of like my mum’s tea in which she puts about 4 teaspoons of syrup, it’s basically sugar milk but no! There’s just enough for you to taste it but you can definitely tell it’s green tea with that beautiful earthy taste.

It also really helps, that every time you go to take a sip, you get that gorgeous salty, caramel smell that could satisfy any sugar craving in the world.

And don’t worry, it’s not any more fattening than any other green tea. Based on a tea bag brewed with 200ml of water for around 2 minutes, each cup only has 2 calories, only traces of fats, sat fats and only 0.2g of sugar.  Beautiful.

It’s definitely a before bed tea I think, it’s got that wholesome relaxing feel to it, but it could be nice to wake you up of a morning instead of having a hot chocolate!





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