Vinyl Toy of The Day: Vinylmation Bakery – Cheshire Cat

I have saved the best two for last in my Vinyl Toy collection and they are  my Vinylmation Bakery toys.

They are absolutely adorable and look delicious.

This one is the Cheshire Cat and as you can see from this one, each toy in the series is a cupcake, based on the colour palette of famous characters. Some of the others include Minnie and Mickey Mouse, Stitch and there’s even one based on the Haunted Mansion movie.

I haven’t taken these out of the box and it’s been the hardest thing ever! The icing can come off the heads of the toys to reveal a cute little face of the character on the standard Vinylmation toy shape. But I have resisted because the last thing I want is for this cutie and the other toy I have in this series to get damaged.

The only thing thats helped me not open these is watching videos of other people unboxing them on Youtube…it helps a little.

All of the figures in this section are 3″ tall, the same as any other Vinylmation series and their arms can swing round, with their head moving from side to side.

As mentioned, the icing part can come off these figures so you can keep them as a figure, or have them stand as a cute little cupcake. The bottom of these figures even look like little cupcake wrappers aww!


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