‘I can’t wait to sit around and do nothing!’

When you’ve been in work every day for a long time, or studying or had something to do that basically doesn’t allow you to just have a little me time, the one thing you look forward to the most, is being able to sit down and enjoy the peace and quiet of doing absolutely  nothing.

The idea of slobbing out infront of the TV with your baggiest clothes on, all of the junk food you can carry from the kitchen and no reason to move whatsoever is an amazing idea…until you actually get that day.

It all starts off so well with a lovely lie in, no alarm clock waking you up at silly o’clock, but just waking up of your own accord….at 7.30 because the blinding sun has managed to make it’s way through your black out blinds and on top of that, your dad is spending his day off doing garden work. Up we get.

Shower and dressed? Nope! Down the stairs you go to sink into that corner of the couch and pick out out your favourite TV channel, maybe even catching a marathon of FRIENDs…bliss.

By now it’s about 12 o’clock and the sound of a studio audience is enraging you a little more every time you hear it, so you start to flick through the channels…but nothing catches your eye.

Hey maybe you’ll change over to your favourite music channel, have some background music on while you surf the internet on your laptop.

Scrolling through Facebook, you become less and less interested with every post about juice diets, ‘ugh so hungover’ and your jealousy levels are off the charts at everybody’s holiday pictures.

Twitter is dead and Tumblr…well..there’s only so many times you can ignore those horrific porn gifs.

You’ve looked at all of your favourite shopping websites and thank god your cards are upstairs or you could have found yourself with a table top cheese melting platter. (it does exist, I was this close to ordering one)

You have officially exhausted the internet of it’s use. Refreshing Facebook 25 times is the limit before you cross the line into full zombie and as for applying for some new jobs, you’ve literally applied for everything there is. Sigh.

You start wandering up and down the hallway in your house, hoping something will break or something will instantly need cleaning so you can find something to do.

Then you find yourself thinking…’man I wish I was in work.’



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