Comicon Cosplay – Eevee

Comicon is an amazing experience if you are into any games, any comics or just want to go to wow at the amazing cosplays that you see throughout the day.

Last year I seen two people dressed as an AT-AT which was absolutely amazing!

This year, I’m going to make a little bit more effort with my cosplay, since last year I just turned up in my R2-D2 dress from Black Milk.

I’m going as the Pokemon character Eevee which I know yes is not the most magical/amazing/badass Pokemon but it is incredibly adorable and for my first proper cosplay attempt, pretty easy to make!

My sister is into fashion so she has been a huge help in the ways of knowing how to operate a sewing machine without losing any fingers and to make the costume look recognisable so I thank her for that!

I ordered my ears a while ago online and just had to make the tail and the fur around my neck which I would then sew onto a brown dress…which I also bought online.

And I am proud to present my Eevee tail in all it’s glory!


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