Vinyl Toy of The Day: Vinylmation – Disney Cruise Line

Ok and it’s back to the Disney vinyl toys now that you’ve had a nice break with some of my other styles!

This one is one of my favourite Disney ones just because it’s so pretty and minimalistic.

It is one of four in this range, this one is called ‘Disney Wonder’ and you can see a tiny picture of Mickey Mouse at the helm looking as happy as ever.

All of the toys in this range are 3, making them a tiny little bit bigger than all of my other toys and the others are called Disney Dream, Disney Magic and Castaway Cay.

I haven’t took this one out of the box because I just can’t bring myself to do it! It probably helps that the box is just as cute as the toy with Vinylmation looking all pretty on the front.

This one was a gift a couple of years ago and I’m not sure how much it is, I tried to find it online and couldn’t find it on the Disney Store website. However, there are other styles of the vinylmation range for sale for around $12.95.

The arms and the head can move on these toys so they are posable but if you’re like me, you’ll think they look just as pretty in the box.


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