Vinyl Toy of The Day: Funko POP!: Maleficent and Evil Queen

First of all, I have some apologies to make.

1)I am sorry that my posts seem to be very sporadic and weird. I am just trying to upload whenever I can, which right now means whenever I’m not in work and since I’m on a flexi contract, they have me in all the time at weird hours and I’d rather wait till I can put something up at a nice time rather than at 9pm or later when I finally get home from work.

2)This picture on this article is not my own and my phone is on charge right now, meaning it won’t let me use the camera due to low battery and I didn’t want to wait till later to put it up so I do apologise for that!


This is the first toy (or set of toys)  that I have shown you that are still in the box. I don’t really want to take these two out because they look completely badass as they are.

As you can see, these are figures of Maleficent, I have shared a Maleficent before but that was from a different range from Funko and the Evil Queen from Snow White.  Two very evil sassy mamas.

They stand at 2 1/2″ tall which makes them not very menacing and leaning more on the adorable side. But I think they are still not a force to be reckoned with. Especially when they’re together.

As I haven’t took them out of the box, I don’t know whether they have movable parts but I assume you can remove Maleficent’s sabre and that their little heads move from side to side.

They are a great part of my collection and I think having some villains in the mix makes any Disney collectables group pretty cool. Next on my villains list, Ursula!

I’m not sure how much these figures are as they were a birthday present from my brother, but they are going for £62.87 on Amazon.



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