Vinyl Toy of The Day: Funko POP: The Walking Dead – Daryl Dixon

It was my 22nd birthday yesterday and before heading to an outside play area to maturely celebrate, I was spoiled with some amazing gifts and I just had to show you this guy. (I have others to show you from yesterday but this one had to come first!)

This is a figure of the amazing Walking Dead character Daryl Dixon, a loveable/bad ass hillbilly who has become everybody’s favourite zombie killer.

He stands at 9″ tall, taking the medal for my biggest vinyl toy yet. With nowhere else to put him, I’ve got him guarding my bedroom door on the edge of my table, but with all his zombie killing skills, I think it worked out pretty well.

His head moves from side to side but apart from that nothing else moves. You can’t remove his crossbow and it doesn’t shoot arrows which is a blessing in disguise really because I’d lose the tiny arrows within seconds.

He’s surprisingly light for his size and I can’t see any dodgy painting or mistakes, he even has blood detail on the back of his waistcoat!

His little beard and moustache are adorable and his ‘I’m getting tired of this crap’ sarcastically half closed eyes hit the nail right on the head in showing his onscreen personality.

You can buy him online for £21.74 or from shops like Worlds Apart and Forbidden Planet for £31.50.

I recommend this figure to any Walking Dead fan!

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