Lazy Girl Beauty Tips : Baby oil, not just for baby bottoms.

If you’re like me, your hair only has to look at a pair of curlers or straightners and it frizzes and dries out in fear. Sigh.

But! I have discovered a little tip to help you get your shiny hair back for a very small price, and minimal effort.

Hair serum from major brands is extremely expensive, especially for the tiny little bottles that it comes in that last you only a couple of weeks but it does work well to give your hair that beautiful shine.

But, if you wince at the price underneath all of the bottles in your beauty store, turn around and walk towards the baby care items. Tell your partner not to worry, you’re not dropping hints.

Buy yourself a bottle of baby oil, because it’s designed for delicate skin, it won’t be harsh on your hair and it won’t be too heavy.

You can use it on dry hair and it won’t make your hair feel lump and greasy! Just take a pea sized drop and rub it into your palms and apply it just to the ends of your hair, not the top.

Make sure that you rub it right into your hair to get maximum effect. Then take your favourite hairbrush and brush right through your ends and you should see a gorgeous shine.

Now because there will be a little oil on your brush, you can brush it through from the root downwards so you can give a little bit of goodness to the rest of your hair.

Shiny hair made easy!


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