The Lion King comes to Disney Channel!

The Lion King is something I’m very very passionate about. Yes everybody has their favourite Disney films and yes a lot of people will say The Lion King but I can assure you, The Lion King is more than a favourite film to me!

It was the first film I went to see in the cinema when I was little and my mum said I was mesmerised, since then I’ve been unable to watch it without feeling incredibly emotional from start to finish.

You may even note that the first post I made on this site was a link to the Circle of Life!

The other day in work, i was put on the self service machines and had no other way to amuse myself (the day was going so slow) but to try and play the entire film in my head. I got to the scene where Simba plays with Mufasa for the last time and I actually started to tear up. I’ve never felt so pathetic/proud in my life.

So you can imagine that news of a new Lion King TV series is amazing to me! The show will focus around Simba and Nala’s second born child, Kian who leads an army of savannah animals to protect the Pride Lands, the team of animals are being compared to the Avengers which is pretty cool. It’ll be a programme to teach children the importance of protecting the environment, family etc and will feature all the characters you love include Mufasa (well ghost Mufasa I assume), Simba, Nala, Timon, Pumba, Rafiki and Kiara!

It won’t air till Fall 2015 and by then I’ll be 23 but my god I will watch every episode religiously.



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