Vinyl Toy of The Day: JamFactory x Crazy Label Droplet Series 2

This is the last of my vinyl toys that isn’t a Disney one so I thought I’d give you a fair warning before there’s a Disney overload!

This little cutie is my Droplet series 2 and he is the   Blue “Seabass Mcpugswash” and you have a 4/16 chance of getting him.

All of the little ones in this range are 2.5″ inches tall (if you’re read any of my other posts, you’ll know that these are the same size as my disney ones!) and there are four other  toys that you can get in this range. One of which there is only a 2/16 chance of getting, so you’d be extremely lucky!

They don’t have any movable parts and I think they’re hollow so they’re extremely light.

I only have one of these in this range because I’ve been more focused on getting my hands on all the Disney mystery minis…but I think I might have to treat myself to one of these again very soon.


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