Vinyl Toy of The Day: Kidrobot & Mori Chack – Gloomy Bear

I thought I’d have a chance from the Disney toys I’ve been sharing with you and show you one of my bigger and stranger toys.


(also as you can tell, I’ve figured out how to set a featured image. Total tech wiz.)

This toy is a model of Gloomy Bear who is a character designed by Mori Chak. Gloomy Bear is a pink bear who delights in feasting on human flesh. So don’t be fooled by his adorable pinkness.

He’s five inches and as you can see is dragging away the corpse of a boy that he has captured. Obviously being forced to wear a muzzle only made the challenge more exciting for him.

There are no movable parts on the figure and you can’t take the muzzle off which I find nail bitingly frustrating but it’s not an issue, that’s just me being a bit weird.

This is just one of the large number of toys and collectables you can get in the Gloomy Bear range including oneises that I will be getting at some point.

There aren’t actually any Mori Chack toys available to buy through the Kidrobot website right now, but through, you can get your hands on this figure for $29.99, as well as some other great toys in the range.

I think the Gloomy Bear range is adorably terrifying and I will be getting more of them…when I get more space in my room.



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