Vinyl Toy of the Day: Funko Disney Mystery Minis: Jack Skeleton



This is the second edition of my Funko mystery minis and it is the fabulously creepy Jack Skeleton!

You might notice that his little foot has a chip and it’s so heartbreaking! I honestly have no idea how that happened, he went straight from the box to my shelf so maybe he came like that! I do not abuse my vinyl toys and I love him all the same!

He reminds me of being little and watching The Nightmare Before Christmas getting all excited for Christmas!

Oh also, the song What’s This was on one of Disney’s sing along videos if you can remember those!

He’s the same size as Maleficent and none of his body parts move or have removable accessories.

The other two versions of Jack that are available are Jack in this stance with a closed smile and another of him with his hands on his hips pulling a cheeky tongue out smile.

Again, you can get these as cheap as £3.56 online but if you’re impatient like me, they’re around £5 in shops like Forbidden Planet and Worlds Apart.


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