Vinyl Toy of the Day: Funko Disney Mystery Minis: Maleficent



I thought this would be a great toy to talk about for a number of reasons.

1) it’s Disney and therefore is perfectly fantastic.

2) Maleficent has just come out in cinemas and is doing exceptionally well so there’s that!

3)This is the first Funko mystery mini that I bought and I was made up with her because I don’t really have a lot of collectables to do with Disney villains and I don’t give them as much credit as I should.

She’s very small for starters, all of the toys in this range are around 2.5″ making them extra adorable. Even when they’re figures of quite frankly, one of the most scary Disney villains.

She’s holding her sabre, which usually has Diablo, her crow sitting on top but hey you can’t have everything. You can take her sabre out of her hands quite easily. Although I’m not sure why you would want to, unless you wanted to use it like some kind of evil tooth pick.

There are three variations of every character in the series. The other two you can get of this character is of her smiling in this pose and one of her signature pose of her arms outstretched showing the bat wingness of her cape, looking sassy as ever.

Because of their size, they’re extremely light and totally adorable. Very addictive too. You can get them as cheap as £3.56 online but I think I pay around £5 for them in shops like Worlds Apart and Forbidden Planet.

I have 4 others in this series to show you at some point but I thought as she was the first I bought, she should be the first I show you!


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