100 Happy Days Challenge Completed!

This morning I completed the 100 Happy Days challenge and I am feeling very proud!

The challenge is simple, you sign up online through their website and then you upload one picture a day to a social media of your choice, I chose Instagram and explain why you chose that picture so ‘coming home from work to a cup of tea’ or ‘getting that one lie in a week’.Stuff like that.

There’s even an option to just send your photos straight to the team if you don’t feel like sharing but you want to give it a go.

You have to make sure you hashtag each picture and I know, people who do lots of hashtags annoy me too but it’s just one and it’s so the makers of the challenge can have a look at your uploads.

It says on the website that 71% of people couldn’t complete the challenge because they don’t have the time to be happy, then they put the question to you. ‘Do YOU have time to be happy?’ Easy right?

It does seem easy from the off and if you really want to do it, it is but I do see how it can get tedious some days. Not every day is going to be a happy one and you can struggle to find anything to post that day.

BUT, I tried to turn that around and think…what would lift my mood up in this situation and as well as finding something to post, I also would figure something out that would make that day a little better.

The challenge as a whole does make you step back and realise that the little things are important and it makes you appreciate those little things. I do recommend it to those who have busy lifestyles and see nothing but stress.

It’s not about getting the most likes on your picture or making it the prettiest picture you can, it’s about helping yourself see the good things in your life.

Give it a go, sign up at 100happydays.com


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